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Catherine Rosek, CSC, HTP

Professional Intuitive – Gifted Clairvoyant – Ascension Path Mentor/Teacher -     Intuitive Business Consultant – Certified Spiritual Counselor – 6th Dimension Practitioner/Healer – Lecturer/Workshop Leader

Catherine RosekCatherine is a Gifted Clairvoyant Psychic, Intuitive Business Consultant, Certified Spritual Counselor, 6th Dimension Practitioner/Healer of humans/animals, and an Ascension Path Mentor/Teacher who began practicing professionally in April 1989. In a co-creative effort with Spirit, her readings constitute the primary source material for the award-winning book, Who Am I And Why Am I Here? - “The Universal Spiritual View of the Meaning and Purpose of Our Human Life on Earth”. She has a degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo College and served as an Information Technology Division/Program Manager for 17 years. During this time she used her intuitive abilities to facilitate optimum hiring and personnel actions, predict project success, perform career change/advancement counseling and become the corporate recognized expert on understanding and working with difficult employees and clients. She is now often called upon by successful corporate executives to offer business consulting in the areas of career moves, writing winning proposals, choosing highest-potential RFP’s, hiring the right people, handling difficult clients and offering the most powerful client-tailored presentations.

Catherine has extensive training in intuition development from the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), having completed all levels of their Professional Intuitive Development Courses in 1993-1994. In late 1994 she auditioned and was selected for the A.R.E. panel of professional psychics and performed readings for their annual Edgar Cayce Legacy Course and Finding Your Soul’s Mission Course for five years prior to moving from Virginia to Colorado. The A.R.E. called upon her to join groups of professional intuitives giving readings and intuitive input into planning/developing their School for Intuitive Studies. Catherine has a long, rewarding working relationship with the A.R.E. She and her husband, Bill, hosted A.R.E. Search For God and Dream Study Groups from 1968 through 1979. They also served as members of the Chicago Area A.R.E. Speakers Team giving lectures and classes on Introduction to Edgar Cayce, Earth Changes, Meditation and Awakening the Dreamer. Catherine is also a member of the Wayshowers Organization.

In addition to becoming a Certified Spiritual Counselor through completion, in 1999, of the courses offered under the auspices of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, Catherine has completed the LuminEssence “Awakening Your Light Body” series and the “Graduate Awakening Your Light Body” series (12 courses over the period of two years). Catherine is an ordained minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Conesus, New York.

Catherine is both a conscious and a trance channel bringing in positive, empowering, accurate, compassionate and gentle guidance from Spirit, the Ascended Masters and Archangels and the soul, angels and guides of her clients. Catherine reads the past (including past lives and soul contracts), present and potential future to offer guidance on soul growth, soul contracts, personal Spiritual development, relationships, life work, careers, finance, family issues, and other situations where help is needed. Catherine is able to identify patterns and blocks and offer empowering healing techniques, spiritual tools and Energy clearing/balancing.

Many of Catherine’s clients have written letters expressing their appreciation for the clarity, healing, sense of empowerment and positive uplifting of spirit they experience during and after a reading. They say listening to the tape months, even years, later brings additional help and insights. Catherine offers workshops in Using Spiritual Tools for Growth and Empowerment, Awakening Your Own Psychic/Intuitive Abilities, 6 Dimensional Awareness w/guided journeys, Pathways to Spiritual Healing, Ascension Mentoring and more. Her goal is to empower others; to assist them in viewing themselves with love, compassion and appreciation; to teach them to become their own psychics; their own spiritual counselors; one with their Divine within.

Universal Spiritual View
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