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Sixth Dimension Miracle Space CD

Returning To Oneness With God
6D Guided Meditations

The Sixth Dimension of conscious oneness with God is called the miracle space. It is the space of oneness with God, the space of Truth, of Peace, of Love, of Perfection, of Oneness with God. It is also a space of empowerment – a Cosmic Power so divine it cannot ever be misused, even accidentally.

You can now access and experience (“feel”, “see”, “know”) for yourself this awesome sixth dimensional space. This CD, Returning To Oneness With God contains two guided meditations by Zoran, a Sixth Dimensional Magnetic Master, channeled by Catherine.

The first guided meditation is “Experiencing Sixth Dimensional Consciousness --- Oneness with God”. It is 51 minutes long. The second guided meditation is “A Short Visit to Sixth Dimensional Consciousness --- Oneness With God”. It is 24 minutes long.

These guided meditations, received from the divine dimensions, will lift you into your own experience of the Truth, Peace, Love, Perfection and Power of the Sixth Dimension Miracle Space and its healing, uplifting, empowering effect on Mother Earth and each individual who attunes to this magnetic space. They will provide you with the actual experience of returning to conscious oneness with God, the All That Is.

Having experienced this miracle space, you can, with practice, return to it at any time you desire by meditating and calling upon Zoran yourself.

This CD is currently OUT OF PRINT. The beautiful music on this CD is Ascent to Heaven, courtesy of Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman, LuminEssence, Medford, Oregon,

For more detailed information click on the Sixth Dimension Miracle Space button on this website.

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