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Catherine's Readings

Catherine Rosek, CSC, HTP

  • Professional Intuitive-Gifted Clairvoyant

  • Intuitive Business Consultant

  • Certified Spiritual Counselor

  • 6th Dimension Healing Humans/Animals

  • Ascension Path Mentor/Teacher
  • Accomplished Lecturer and Workshop Leader

  • Trance & Conscious Channel of Archangels and Ascended Masters

  • Medium/Spirit Communicator bringing messages of healing, forgiveness, and closure from loved ones on the other side

  • Primary Source for channeled material used in the co-creation of the book, Who Am I and Why Am I Here? The Universal Spiritual View of the Meaning and Purpose of Our Human Life on Earth

Individual and Group Sessions Available
Gift Certificates Available for Readings

A student of metaphysics for 38 years, Catherine’s readings bring unfailingly accurate, gentle, loving and self-empowering information for the client. Her goal is to empower others to create the successful, fulfilling, harmonious and joyful lives they desire for themselves and to help them discover their life purpose. The readings assist clients in clearing blocks, in healing and shifting energy patterns and beginning to view themselves with love, compassion and appreciation for who they really are and the innate talents they possess. Catherine’s readings offer guidance on relationships, career, finances, past lives, life purpose, relocation, probable future and any other questions one wishes to ask. The readings teach others to become their own psychics, spiritual counselors, their own best friends and one with their higher selves, souls and Spark of God within. Catherine offers lectures/workshops Using Spiritual Tools for Growth and Empowerment, Awakening Your Own Psychic/Intuitive Abilities, 6th Dimensional Awareness w/guided journeys, Pathways to Spiritual Healing, Ascension mentoring and others.

Please see Catherine’s Bio for detailed information on skills, background and training.

A Reading With Catherine

Readings are all done by phone. To schedule a reading, phone Catherine at 719-488-9571 (Mountain Time - Colorado). Catherine does readings by appointment during the day and some evenings - Colorado Mountain Time. Both sides of the conversation are taped and the tape is mailed to the client within two business days. Readings are one hour or a half hour long. The fee is $150.00 per hour and $100.00 per half hour with extended readings prorated by the minute.

A reading begins with the client taking a couple of nice deep breaths and getting as relaxed as possible. While that occurs, Catherine tunes into the client’s energy field, soul, God within, angels and guides, as well as the Archangels and Ascended Masters who are her guides. Most often an initial picture is given which symbolically depicts the general conscious/energy state of the client at the moment or the conscious/energy state of the client in a specific area that is of current primary focus. The reading progresses with questions from the client and information from the higher dimensions. It is important for a client to write down questions or at least specific areas he/she wishes to cover because it is possible to go off on one particular area or subject so long/far that the client does not cover everything desired in the allotted time. A typical reading offers guidance, information on life path, soul contract, past lives and current life issues, answers, clarity and suggested tools, focus, activities and energy work to be done in balancing, harmonizing, clearing energy blocks, healing current and past life issues, shifting habit patterns that may not serve the client and creating/manifesting the desired current life experience. All readings are empowering, assisting the client to see his/her abilities and opportunities to create/manifest the desired life experience and to “see”, feel and experience oneness with his/her higher self, soul, Spark of God within and increase awareness and clarity of the client’s own intuitive guidance.

Catherine offers both personal and business readings. Catherine is often called upon by successful corporate executives to offer business consulting in the areas of career moves, writing winning proposals, choosing highest-potential RFP’s, hiring the right people, handling difficult clients and offering the most powerful client-tailored presentations.

Catherine has a large national and international clientele. New clients are primarily referrals from current, satisfied clients. Please see the endorsements page for some of the feedback given to Catherine from numerous happy clients.

To Schedule a Reading Appointment Contact Catherine at
(719) 488-9571 (Mountain Time – Colorado)

Reading Rates:  $150.00 per hour    $100.00 per half hour

Universal Spiritual View
P.O. Box 49608
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9608
(719) 488-9571