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2002 First Place Winner
Colorado Independent Publishers Association Award

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?
By William Rosek


Professional Endorsements

Who Am I and Why Am I Here? is as provocative and challenging a book as you will ever read. Award-winning author Bill Rosek answers the question in “...a single book that condenses and makes clear the Universal Spiritual Picture of the origins of human life here on Earth and the meaning and purpose of that life,...provided by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Beings of Light in the divine dimensions of the Hierarchy of God above us.”

Who Am I and Why Am I Here? is chocked full of information. Divided into five parts, it offers an overview of the Universal Spiritual View, an overview of the spiritual realms, the importance of integrating divine feminine energy into our spiritual lives, the spiritual path itself, and the changes that occur when one climbs to the higher levels of consciousness.

Bill writes, “...even though long ago and of our own free will, we inadvertently chose the direction that eventually separated us from our conscious Oneness with God, we are not alone on our inner spiritual journey to return!” For this reviewer and for you the reader, recognizing that we have personal guardian angels and higher guides with us all the time, makes the growth and travel to Oneness a joyful journey.

“As more humans awaken to the existence of the Universal Spiritual Picture and understand the true meaning and purpose of our human lives on Earth, more will choose the spiritual path back to consciousness Oneness with God”, we read. And that’s what this marvelous book provides, a beacon that illuminates the path to enlightenment.

Catherine and Bill Rosek have channeled the wisdom and guidance of heaven to provide a roadmap to harmony. Who Am I and Why Am I Here? provides the means for us to fuse our personalities with the Divinity Within and thus achieve unconditional love...and find who we are and why we’re here!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

While the overall perspective of Who am I and Why Am I Here? is not new, inasmuch as similar perspectives have been presented by channelers/writers Swedenborg, Blavatsky, Steiner and Cayce, this presentation has the merits in which the Universal Spiritual perspective is available in one volume. For example, Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine covers similar areas, but these volumes suffer from what I call "information overload" such that you get caught in the details and fail to see the big picture. Who Am I and Why Am I Here is certainly "better" than Cayce's work because of its clarity of presentation and the insightful summaries presented by Bill.

Who am I and Why am I Here? covers one significant issue which none of the above mentioned channelers/writers have covered. It is the issue of the feminine and its relation to the masculine and its relation to the spiritual dimension of reality.

Dr. Franklin Takei, Professor, Atlantic University, retired


What Readers are Saying About

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?
By William Rosek

B.K. – Holly Springs, MS: Yesterday when I was meditating and asking a question, my spirit guides came through and said, “READ BILL’S BOOK”. I don’t know any better book reviewer than that! The book is such an important key for me as my spiritual life broadens. It is such a tremendous help. Thank you so much.

V.R. – Montgomery, AL: I have finished reading your book “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?” and it was wonderful. I have read many good spiritual books, but yours soothed my soul like none other!

G.H. – Williamsburg, VA: Everyone should read your book! It is exactly what everyone needs to know about life here on Earth and the spiritual path. What a blessing it has been in my life!

E.L. – Denver, CO: I started reading your book last night. It was very difficult to put it down and get some sleep! I’m so glad to have a snowy weekend and a great book to read!

B.K. – Falls Church, VA: I want to tell you I am enjoying your book tremendously. It is the book I started to write about Being In Oneness with God and All That Is. You have done such an excellent job with your book that I no longer feel the urge to write it.

B. K. – Holly Springs, MS: This morning I got a very enthusiastic call from my son asking me how far I was in your book and explaining to me how exciting it was for him to read. He said his wife is new to this and that they are now meditating and reading the book together. I can see how the importance of the Divine Feminine you address in your book will be so significant in their life, and the timing is life altering!

S.D. – Alexandria, VA: Your book is wonderful. It has changed my life in so many ways. It has given me a real understanding of what my life is all about. I feel so empowered. Thank you!

T.H. – Monument, CO: Your book is so helpful and well written. I am going through it very slowly, studying it and putting the concepts to work in my daily life. I am definitely seeing significant positive results. Thank you!

M.K. – Montgomery, AL: Thank you so much for your book. It has increased my understanding of my life and the spiritual path. I go back to it often and always find just what I need at the moment.


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