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Endorsements for Catherine's Work

Many of Catherine's clients have written letters expressing appreciation for the accuracy, clarity, healing, sense of empowerment and positive uplifting of spirit they experience during and after a reading. They often say listening to the tape months, even years, later brings additional help and insights, which were not initially experienced in the volume of material offered during the actual reading. Clients who are able to receive messages and find closure through contacting loved ones on the other side seem especially grateful for being able to heal and move on with their lives. The following are excerpts from some of the letters received.

K.W. - Chesterfield, VA - Thank you for the reading for my daughter explaining the connection between her fear and a past life experience. The suggestions you gave were very beneficial. The information 'rang true' for her and her fear has subsided. The guidance given in my own reading facilitated my spiritual growth and provided a turning point. The reading illumined my path and showed me a door I had not realized was there. Thank you!

P.L. - Myrtle Beach, SC - We want to thank you so much for your very wise and beautiful insights for us at such a challenging time in our lives.

N.O. - Montgomery, AL - Thank you for being an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration to me for many years. You are the only source I completely trust. Your channeled guides are always high and light- filled and the information is empowering and spiritually uplifting. The guidance in the readings has always been accurate and helpful for each specific problem or situation. It is apparent that your channeling is coming directly from the Divine Source. I always experience feelings of unconditional love during your readings. I have recommended you to many friends and family members who have all expressed how helpful, concise, and accurate the guidance received has been. Your channeling is a great service to others.

S.K. - Glen Allen, VA - I just felt the need to write and let you know the profound effect our session from last spring has had on me.

M.K. - Montgomery, AL - Thank you for the past 10 or 11 years of readings concerning health issues of mine and my pets and for important information on issues concerning my spiritual growth. Your readings are loving, helpful and informative. The information has always been what I needed and has helped me a great deal. During the years I have since seen things that were given by your channels years earlier.

L.F. - Richmond, VA - You gave me the most rewarding gift I could ever have received - yourself and your gift and my peace of mind and "up front" knowledge not tapped into before. I am still excited about all the experience of last Friday and am most grateful to you - forever.

L.N. - Montgomery, AL - I have been blessed by Spirit to have the quality of very clear, accurate and highly spiritual guidance you have provided for me. Your readings are given in a very genuine, authentic, compassionate, ethical, positive, and empowering atmosphere of unconditional love and deep respect.. The reading experiences have all added greatly to my ability to become more dedicated to my path, and assisted in enabling, empowering and encouraging me to grow into depths of levels unknown to me as a part of my potential.

M.T. - Richmond, VA - Your blessings and truth given so freely are as God's overflowing beauty and bounty in this basket.. I have never had such a tender and true reminder to seek, behold, and be blessed.

Anonymous from a conferee - A great reading. Very informative. Presented well, it made me aware of areas that would be good for me to follow up on. It was also stated that the choice was mine. It encouraged me to use free will and not to follow what was said blindly. There was very much a sense of unity in what was said to me. It put all the questions together and gave me a core of information that is very useful. Catherine also gave application - that is things I can do in my life on a daily basis, which will help me in spiritual growth. Those applications do stretch me, but they are not inaccessible nor do they go against my beliefs. Over all I am very happy. Thank you!

Anonymous from a conferee - I really want to thank you. I don't know what you said to my sister in her reading, but last night was the first night in years that she slept soundly the night through and she didn't grind her teeth. She is so much more peaceful and happy. Thank you for a miracle.

A.R.E. - Virginia Beach, VA - Thank you for your generous help with the psychic reading for A.R.E.'s long range plans. It has many important, relevant ideas.

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