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The Nature of Bill’s Website Information

All the information you find on this website is offered by the divine Beings of Light in the Hierarchy of God who are most interested in assisting all of humankind to return to conscious Oneness with God prior to 2050.  These Beings of Light include the categories of Angels and Archangels, Higher Guides and Ascended Masters, Magnetic Masters and other categories far too numerous to mention here. 

The information I place within these website buttons are synopses of books and booklets I have written, some of which are in manuscript form but have not yet been published.  Please note that it is not possible to place all the detailed dynamics of the larger books into these brief synopses. 

In fifth and sixth dimensional conscious Oneness with God, I receive this information from the appropriate divine Beings of Light (mainly Sananda [Jesus] and Saint Germain) and offer it here to the public for those who may be ready to expand and shift their human level of consciousness into the divine and infinite levels of consciousness of their eternal soul and God Within.  Those who are ready and those who are interested in returning to conscious Oneness with God may find this information to be of great assistance.  The information itself presents a rather complete spiritual picture of human life from the perspective of the Beings of Light in the divine, higher levels of consciousness above. 

To any who are interested, this information offers a clear description of the current human dilemma --- who we are and why we are here.  It offers an easy to understand picture of the way in which all of humanity can and will return to conscious Oneness with God, soon (prior to 2050).  And it offers a positive picture of the divine life we can create here on Earth when we return to conscious Oneness with God.  Those who find this level of information helpful and interesting at this moment in time are most likely Lightworkers. 


Lightworkers are divine eternal souls created by God who volunteered to descend into the primitive consciousness of third dimensional, non-divine, mortal, physical human life.  Lightworkers volunteered to do this for the purpose of becoming human, becoming totally involved (involution) in third dimensional outer world activities, becoming consciously separated from their original conscious Oneness with God, --- then evolving, (evolution) awakening, finding their way back, and returning to conscious Oneness with God again.  Then with the knowledge gained through their experiences --- assisting others to find their way to return. 

Many Lightworkers are still spiritually “asleep”, lost and totally involved in the chaotic outer-world life of humanity today.  Many Lightworkers have not yet awakened to their own True spiritual identity as divine eternal souls created by God, nor to the vast eternal spiritual life which exists in the divine, higher dimensions of consciousness in conscious Oneness with God. 

This information is offered for that reason.  If, as you read of these vast spiritual concepts, you find that they ring true in your heart, then there is no doubt that you, indeed, are a Lightworker.  If, as you read of these abstract spiritual Truths, you feel a delightful resonance in your heart, it will be your divine eternal soul sending you a harmonious feeling message of its happiness and joy that your human personality mind has taken an interest in spiritual Truth. 

Why do I speak of Lightworkers?  Because at the present moment in time 99% of human mass consciousness is not interested or ready for this level of spiritual Truth from above.  The majority of human mass consciousness will awaken later.  They will begin to awaken around the 2012 timeframe after the early blooming Lightworkers have provided the first examples of those who have returned.  After the Lightworkers have used this information in their own lives, returned to conscious Oneness with God, Ascended, and chosen to remain on Earth walking in Self-Mastery, demonstrating and showing others how they may all return also --- then all of human mass consciousness will be attracted to do the same. 

Only when the first wave of Lightworkers provide the irrefutable example of the ability of humans to return to conscious Oneness with God, while still having a human body --- will human mass consciousness have a clear “reason” to awaken and change their limited human belief systems.  Only when the masses can see with their own eyes the actual hard evidence of the very real opportunity and possibility for humans to return to conscious Oneness with God will they be able to believe it and know it for Truth. 

When mass consciousness can see the possibility of such a divine transition for itself, there will be a tremendous attraction for all to do the same.  Mass consciousness then will very quickly expand its inner vision and change its obsolete belief systems to include the realization that this transition, this return to conscious Oneness with God, is for all of humanity, not just the early awakeners. 

The first example of what the divine Beings of Light are describing for all of humankind was that of Jesus 2000 years ago.  His example had a tremendous impact on humanity then.  His was the first divine soul ever incarnated into a human body here on Earth to be able to return to conscious Oneness with God while still having a physical body.  (His eternal soul is now called Sananda.)  This was a monumental spiritual event and it paved the way for the great transition of all of humanity 2000 years later. 

In those intervening 2000 years, the personality consciousness (the brain-mind) of humanity has evolved and expanded so that all humans now have the ability and capacity to understand the abstract spiritual concepts which will allow all to know their True spiritual identity --- and how they too can return to conscious Oneness with God, while still having a physical human body.  Humanity could not understand these concepts 2000 years ago when Jesus said, “I and my Father are One”. 

Also in those intervening 2000 years, the divine Beings of Light in the Hierarchy of God have been able to create an environment with added Light and a higher vibration rate in the atmosphere of our third dimensional Earth planet.  This brings the spiritual ambience of non-divine Earth, and divine Heaven above, closer together, making it easier now for all humans to return to conscious Oneness with God --- prior to 2050. 

This information will be of great assistance to all humans who read it.  It will greatly assist Lightworkers, who may still be asleep, to awaken.  It will greatly assist all Lightworkers who are already awakened to understand a rather complete expanded spiritual picture of the shortest way HOME.  And it will also help all humans who read it to understand the divine purpose for the spiritual changes they will see taking place here on Earth in the near future --- without fear.  Their understanding in turn will help others to see and understand the positive, divine outcome of any changes they see taking place before 2012. 

Regardless of how it may be used or not used, this information is offered here by the divine Beings of Light in the Hierarchy of God for the purpose of assisting all of humanity to awaken, to understand the current human dilemma, and to understand how all of humankind can and will return to divine conscious Oneness with God while still having a human body.  This is the culmination of God’s divine plan for the return of all of humankind to conscious Oneness with God, in this the Golden Age.  This is how we will be able to create a divine Home here on Earth. 

If some of this information seems a bit much for your current personal human belief system, just remember that it was less than 600 years ago that you, and I, and the rest of evolving human mass consciousness still believed the Earth was flat, that horses were the best means of transportation, that heavier than air machines could not fly, that there were no such things as electricity, telephones or computers, etc.  Since then, you have had to expand your consciousness and change your human feelings, your human thoughts, your human beliefs, and your human understanding about all these things and many more.  The return of humankind to conscious Oneness with God is just another of the expansions of consciousness that make the return possible. 

However, whenever this information begins to seem a bit much for your consciousness and your current belief system, put it down for a while, until your attached divine eternal soul leads you to pick it up again.  Or try reading only a paragraph or two at a time --- covering only one or two major abstract spiritual concepts.  Smaller pieces at a time may be easier for your personality mind to digest. 

Regardless, your divine eternal soul will be delighted that your human personality has shown enough of an interest in spiritual matters to read this at all.  So, be gentle and kind to yourself and read it as slowly as you wish.  And if you find it necessary, read it a hundred times to bring its message into your heart consciousness.  Understanding and integrating this information into your heart will move you a quantum leap upward and onward toward your own personal return to conscious Oneness with your divine soul and your God Within. 

If you can get your personality to read this information, your attached, divine, eternal soul will help you to understand and integrate it into your life.  Your soul and God Within will bring a complete understanding of all this (and more) into your human personality, through your heart space.  Your soul will resonate its approval in, through, and around your heart space.  And if it is not for you at this moment in time, then wait until you become attracted to it.  All humans will soon (around 2012) become very interested and attracted to knowing more of the eternally evolving spiritual life of which we are all a part whether our human personality consciousness is now aware of it or not. 

You will find that this information coincides and harmonizes one hundred percent with the many volumes of Saint Germain’s channeled readings placed into books in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  It also harmonizes with Sananda’s channeled information in the 1970’s “Course in Miracles” textbook. 

The major difference in the above-mentioned information and that on this website is a good difference.  The difference is that this website information is quite a bit more up-to-date.  It is up-to-date with spiritual events, happenings, and changes that have occurred in the past five years, which facilitate the Golden Age transition. 

When the Ascended Masters, Sananda and Saint Germain, channeled their information a few decades ago, some of the spiritual events that have since changed the world and made it possible for all of humanity to return to Oneness --- had not yet actually occurred.  The dates of some of these important spiritual happenings could not be predicted accurately due to the Universal Law of Free Will, which allows humanity to take its sweet time in changing its belief systems. 

The mass consciousness of humanity has risen in an extraordinary fashion since the descriptive information in the Saint Germain books (the “I Am” Presence of God) was made public in the 30’s and 40’s to those who were interested.  Mass consciousness has risen again as a result of the descriptive information in Sananda’s “Course in Miracles” text and lessons, published in the 70’s. 

However, the hard-core, straightforward, understanding and detailed description of the Golden Age transition of all of human consciousness back to conscious Oneness with God, could not then be described as it can be now.  Some of it was alluded to for Lightworkers who had eyes to see and ears to hear but it could not be given in detailed form as yet --- because some of the events, which now make it possible, had not yet actually taken place. 

For example, only in 2001 was it made possible for all of humanity to access and experience sixth dimensional consciousness --- Oneness with God, the All That Is.  Prior to that event, only a very few, with special backgrounds, were able to move their consciousness into their hearts and then into those divine spaces. 

Another example is an event, which occurred in November 2003.  At that time spiritual protocol was changed dramatically.  Now all who achieve permanent conscious Oneness with God and who Ascend are given a choice. 

They may choose either to Ascend and to remain on the Earth planet, in a greatly rejuvenated body, walking in Self-Mastery in conscious Oneness with God, demonstrating the benefits of returning and teaching and helping others to move toward conscious Oneness with God and Ascension also. 

OR, they may choose to Ascend and leave the Earth planet for missions in other parts of the Cosmos. 

These are just a couple of extraordinary events and changes which were not included in Sananda’s and Saint Germain’s earlier published information and which are included in the books, booklets, and website information --- provided by both of these Ascended Masters and more. 

Another example.  The Course in Miracles, text and lessons, refer often to the insanity of humankind and to the spiritual fact that God did not create the outer world in which we humans now live.  In answer to my specific questions, both Sananda and Saint Germain have provided the details of how human life on Earth actually came about.  This detailed information has been included in my first published book, “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?” 

The earlier information they provided to millions of interested humans was a major factor in why human consciousness has risen so rapidly, making the current transition feasible.  Now it is known with absolute certainty by all the Beings of Light in the divine realms of consciousness above that the return of all of humankind to conscious Oneness with God is inevitable.  It can no longer be stopped.  And the predicted timeframe for the completion of this transition is between 2030 and 2050, depending on the free will of humanity. 

All of Saint Germain’s volumes of channeled information have been an inspiration to me in raising and expanding my consciousness.  Sananda’s channeled “Course in Miracles” has been equally inspiring and effective in both raising and expanding my consciousness.  Both have provided me a clear direction in which to focus my attention and intentions. 

This is what I hope this very current information will do for you personally (or you-all, if you’re from Virginia).

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